Which word comes next? That’s always the “question” when you’re trying to turn good ideas into good sentences. By learning how to treat English sentences as word puzzles, you can stimulate the neurons in your brain, develop critical thinking skills, and have some fun in the process.

Before you begin, please read How to Play the Games, which provides specific information about the language patterns and descriptive terms that will help you put the pieces of each puzzle together.

To make sure that you are familiar with the fundamental organizing principles of the language — as presented in the first 72 pages of the Write Smart eBook — we will start with the relatively easy Game of GrammaTecture. To get started, click on the Write Smart Games menu item at the top of this page and go to GrammaTecture Game 1. (There is also a link at the bottom of page 23 of the Write Smart eBook.)

GrammaText Games 1 to 30 reflect some of the more complex areas of organizing sentences (Write Smart eBook, pages 73 – 234), including making decisions about punctuation and choosing the right word.

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